Tour Dates:

05/12 - Presentation of a new album in Belarus

22/06 - Festivalul Celtic Transilvania 5

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22 Декабря, Мinsk, RePublic - Metal Ёлочка 2018

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Hok-key - Kalasy Pad Siarpom
15.10.17 - TNT, Minsk (BY)
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Thunder & Lightning European Tour
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New song - Kaliadnaja

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New song coming soon

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Our new album “In Existence” will be available on all digital platforms 25th February.

The work on the new Hok-key album "IN EXISTENCE" was going on in the times of troubles. Watching the madness around the world, living in the era of a pandemic that claims an unimaginable number of lives every day, and, as a result, witnessing world economic and political upheavals, it was decided to deviate a little bit from the Belarusian concept of the band. We have created an experimental album focusing on global problems of humanity.
So, the idea of “seven elements” given to mankind to build a paradise arose from observations and philosophical reflections. Each song describes one of the elements. In addition to the basic four (fire, earth, water, air) we have also highlighted mind, love and life as the greatest gifts that humanity has ever had.
It seems that a human being has received everything necessary for a wonderful future, but what do we see now? We find ourselves incapable of using these gifts, we behave like little children playing with matches without understanding the catastrophic consequences of our behavior!
The final song "Summatim '' is a kind of indication of the sad outcome for humanity if it does not reconsider its attitude towards those gifts… The gifts we're given could be used
To build the Paradise,
But, well, we still ignite the fuse
And pay the overprice…

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"In Existence" New Album Teaser

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Hello, dear friends!

We were able to stand in these difficult times, in the struggle against the epidemic and the lawlessness happening in our country.
We are pleased to announce that we are currently looking for a label and our new album 'IN EXISTENCE' is going to appear in the Internet and on CD. We also plan a lot for this year, and we hope that it will come true. Follow our pages in social networks and our YouTube so you will not miss anything interesting. See you at the gigs.
Stay Hok-key.

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Alma Mater - New Song!

We, as an integral part of the Belarusian people, have always been worried about the fate of our beautiful land. This theme has been a leitmotif throughout our work. The song "Alma Mater" is no exception. It was created long before modern events, but after years it turned out to be even more relevant! We really hope that the video will not leave indifferent the sons and daughters of Belarus, as well as all other people, and it will make them think and will wake up those who are still sleeping! Stay Hok-key!

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Our music is available on all platforms:

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Dear Friends!

Circumstances have changed and now the band is splitted between two countries. Yes, it caused a lot of problems and we even had to change our plans. But our team will not be stopped or restrained! Now we are mixing our new album, which should finally be ready very soon.
But the most important thing is that we plan to present a video for the song "Alma Mater" from our new album on January 19th! It is dedicated to the Belarusian people and their struggle for the right to be called "people". And now we offer you a teaser, see you at the premiere!

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New Year Message 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends!

May love and happiness reign in your familues! Stay Hok-key!

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Happy Halloween!

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Hok-key - Faster, Harder, Louder! (Wacken 2020 Tribute Song)

We are very upset to know that WOA 2020 has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 obstacles. As big fans of Wacken we want to support our favorite metal festival in these hard times. We have recorded WOA Tribute song, hope you will enjoy it! We are together!

Picture credit ICS Festival GmbH / Wacken Open Air

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New Album in 2020

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Download our latest album!

Buy on CD!




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Hok-key - Celtic Transilvania 5

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New collaboration video with our friends!

Four languages, four nations, one song unites us all!

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Festival "Miensk Staražytny"

The biggest historical and musical festival will took place this September in center of Minsk. This event is devoted to our ancient city, its history and heritage. We are proud to play a special set-list for our city, so we will be happy to see you in front of Main Stage at 22:00. Stay Hok-key!
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Reaping Europe Tour

Reaping Europe Tour will proceed this summer!

Last year we have started our tour to support our "Kalasy Pad Siarpom" album. This time we will travel through Carpathian region.

See you on our gigs!

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New Line-up!

Dear friends!

We are happy to present you our new line-up, please welcome!

Our new frontman - Konstantin Fomin, who has 16-year experience in different choirs and vocal ensembles.
It has happened that Konstantin took part in recording of our three albums, so we can't say that a new and unknown guy has come to us.

Another person who has joined our line-up is Yauhen Valakitsin, who is known as accordionist of ByCry and Klich.

Yauhen helped us with the album "Kalasy Pad Siarpom" and contributed as a guest musician during our live shows.

Now Hok-key consists of real professionals who have common goal and will to work. Right now we are preparing some new stuff for summer events.

Follow our news, as we are going to have some interesting announcements soon!

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Перелётная пицца. Такой HOK-KEY нам нужен.

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Skype: alexander.volchek85
Phone: +375 29 7781797