Tour Dates:

08/09 - Festival "Miensk Staražytny" 22:00 - Main Stage

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22/06 - Festivalul Celtic Transilvania 5

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22 , insk, RePublic - Metal 2018

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Thunder & Lightning European Tour
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Jaroslav Sapunoff (guitar, keyboards, composer).

Resident of Minsk since 10th of July, 1975

Hok-key leader and founder. Played in following bands: Bad Dreams, Vicious Crusade, Arizona, The Storm.

Gear and stuff: ESP, B. C. Rich guitars, Peavey amplification, Roland, Yamaha keyboards, Boss effects, GHS strings.

Education: construction engineer, musical school (clarinet, piano). Works as intendent of construction works

Likes his wife, his dog, his summer house, tomato juice. Antiglobalist

Alex Volchek (bass, sound engineering, management).

Born in 1985, 27th of October in Minsk

Joined Hok-key in 2005. Played in several local bands as live and recording session musician

Equipment and gear: Warwick Streamer Stage I, Ibanez Musician MC924, Custom Precision; DR strings; Ampeg, Markbass amplification.

Education - pharmaceutical chemistry. Now works as software QA engineer

Interests: traveling, history, soundengineering

Konstantin Fomin (vocals)

Born in 1981, 24th of May.

Joined Hok-key in 2018.

Equipment and gear: vocal cords

Education Management, specialization HR

Works at Publishing and PR-agency.

Interests: family, metal music, woodcraft

Yauhen Valakitsin (accordion)

Born in 1990, 22th of February Joined Hok-key in 2017.

Played in local band Rodogost, active member of bands By Cry and KLiCH.

Equipment and gear: accordion Weltmeister migo 4/4, Novation keybords, mic Audix i5.

Education biology. Specialization physiology.

Studied accordion in musical school, played in school ensemble.

Now works as engineer and sound engineer in the personal recording studio.

Interests: family, sound engineering, building pipes and flutes, folk and metal music

Oleg Kantzov (drums and percussion)

Was born in 1974.

Joined Hok-key in 1994 when the band started its career. Played in some other local bands: Robbed Tomb, Bad Dreams, Dreamside, Icecream-off, , .

Gear: Sonor, Paiste 2002, DW9000.

Education: construction and building, cinema decorator

Interests: PC Games. Favorite drink - vodka. Favorite snack - chocolate "Alyonka"". Anarchist.

Iryna Sapunova (violin, lyrics, design and artwork)

Born on 4th December, 1983

Studied in art school, then in pedagogical gymnasium. Graduated from State Pedagogical University as mathematician-physicist Worked as teacher of physics and mathematics in school, now works as designer in commercial network

Studied violin in musical school, played in school ensemble. Session musician of band Znich Joined Hok-key in 2005

Equipment: Harley Benton violin and acoustic french violin produced in XIX century

Interests: family, dog, summer cottage, Megadeth

Former members:

Vadim "i" Vojnach vocals (1994-1997)
Dmitry "Dragon" Kipra bass (1994-1995)
Alexander "Koma" Kamolikov bass (1996-1997)
Andew "Embrion" Koltovich guitars (1998-2002)
Helena Slav keyboards, vocals (1998-2002)
Egor Pisorenko vocals(1998-2002)
Pavel Ostapenko ( 2000)
Michael Volchek bass (1998-2000)
Svetlana "Sinitsa" Frolova bass (2000-2002)
Lers Kishkina keyboards(2011).
Vitaly Bugorkoff vocals (2011 - 2012)
Vitaly Borovkoff keyboards (2012-2013)
Raman Ramanyuk vocals (2014 - 2016)

ICQ: 408-137-915
Skype: alexander.volchek85
Phone: +375 29 5543445